SummitVR™ Software Services

Does Your Industry Need Virtual Reality?

The applications of SummitVR™ extend into any industry. Adopting VR enhances collaboration, immersion, active participation, memory retention, cost savings, advanced workflows, and learning via dynamic perspectives. VR allows for networked collaboration in simulated environments where participation in the real world is either preferred or not possible.

Where education is moving toward VR for multi-sensory teaching solutions, companies like Boeing Starliner use VR to prepare astronauts for spaceflight. In 2021 Stanford University launched its first class taught entirely in VR. VR offers the opportunity to cater to all types of learning including those that require visual and kinesthetic methods.

Let's build your custom solution

SciVista has developed a powerful collaboration and data visualization solution, SummitVR™. Through this modular platform, we can integrate your favorite software tools or digital assets into Virtual Reality. With SummitVR™ we offer:

○ Behind the Fence Solutions
○ Custom Environments
○ Digital Twins
○ Custom Module Development
○ Training & Support
○ Hardware Solutions

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Want to know more about SummitVR™?


SummitVR™ was built to be modular. Our core platform offers multiple movement systems and presentation environments. Our ParaView module builds off this system to enable advanced data analysis. With SummitVR™, ParaView has become collaborative and freed from the restrictions of a 2D monitor. Contact us to bring your favored software tool into VR.


Multiple collaborators from anywhere in the world can join VR and load in 100+ file types. Such collaboration is engaging and immersive with opportunities to personalize every VR space you create. Customizable avatars show off your mood and your personality. Our VR Tool Suite allows you to engage with your data and other users.

Visualize & Analyze

SummitVR™ and our ParaView module provides the ability to see how simulations interact with their environment at any perspective. We offer expert solutions in data transformation and analytics. Our software allows for advanced simulation tools, hi-fidelity model simplification, and even the creation of simple X, Y, Z plots from tabular data.


Select the plan that fits your needs:

Free User

  • Join spaces
  • Host temporary spaces
  • Voice chat
  • Web browsing & sharing
  • Full avatar customization
  • 100 MB cloud storage
  • Collaborative 2D & 3D data visualization
  • Join, create & manage Organizations

Pro Users & Organizations

Free User features plus:

  • Host permanent spaces
  • Pro Users: 250 GB of Storage
    Organizations: (starting at) 500 GB - 2TB of cloud storage
  • File sharing & maintenance
  • Save & view file collections
  • Data analytical tools
  • Get Extensions*

* Upon Purchase


  • Add modules*
  • Support, training & education**
  • Additional cloud storage**
  • Custom Environments**
  • Custom built modules**
  • Included 100 MB base cloud storage - User Defined Amount
  • Behind the Fence Solutions**

* Upon Purchase

** Upon Contract Negotiation

Do you have a large team or require a Custom Service Package? Contact us to start a contract.

What's included under support, training & education?

SummitVR™ is well documented through our online help forums to teach users how to adopt our software and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Under a Pro User or Organization plan, users will have access to training, support, and troubleshooting through direct contact with our development team.

Contract negotiations will detail the extent of this support in addition to the availability of onsite training and assistance.