Insightful, collaborative, and immersive data visualization for scientists

The current state of data sharing is cludgy, lossy, and important ideas get lost in translation. SciVista's virtual room sharing means scientists can share their ideas in real-time. Full immersion in Virtual Reality enables insights into your data. Say goodbye to broken email chains and powerpoint slides.

Break out of the 2D screen!


SummitVR Use Cases

Connect with anyone in the world
Communicating nuances of experimental results, or conveying subtleties of 3D computational data sets is frustrating and isolating for scientists. Travel is time-consuming and expensive.

SummitVR enables researchers to examine 3D data as if they were in the same room together.
Gain deeper understanding of your data sets
Neurons devoted to visual processing take up about 30 percent of the cortex.

Using Virtual Reality to view data sets at real-world scales enables greater use of your spatial abilities--impossible with a 2d screen.
Use VR to convey scale and immerse users
What's more exciting: a posterboard, or an immersive VR experience? Build excitement and positive emotions for your product, even if it's not VR related.

Don't have the right gear? SciVista can send you an all-in-one presentation kit, small enough to carry-on a plane.

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