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SummitVR™ News: Desktop Mode (beta) now available to all users!

Now any user can start a SummitVR™ session, and without having any VR headset, the user can fly around the VR environment and connect with other users (VR and non-VR users). 3D collaboration has never been easier!

To activate and use this feature, simply launch a space from the SummitVR™ Launcher. Click your mouse on the program window and you can use your WASD + Scroll + Mouse Movement to fly around the environment *(currently no interactions beyond voice chat - this will be expanded after beta testing).

Advanced Data Visualization

SummitVR™ offers over 100+ file readers with features optimized for large, complex data visualization and exploration. Streamline your workflow in iterative design, data visualization, progress presentations, mesh development, and more.

For advanced data analysis, our ParaView module allows users to collaboratively visualize and analyze their 3D models and simulations in context and at scale.

If you have a file type that cannot yet be read into VR, our developers can use their expertise to swiftly produce an optimized reader for you.
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Immersive Collaboration

Facilitate advanced presentations and showcase immersive custom environments unrivaled by traditional presentation experiences.

Collaborate with users through voice and session synchronization. Users can collectively load, visualize, and analyze 100+ file types using a SummitViewer and our SummitVR™ Tool Suite.
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Custom Environments

We design custom environments optimized for VR and proven to advance your workflow. If you can name it, we can build it. Request anything from Digital Twins, Advanced Presentation Tools, Custom Functionality, Baked Models for speedy loading times, or even a start-to-finish Training Course.
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Custom Modules

SummitVR™ was built to be modular. Under funding through the U.S. Department of Energy, SciVista™ brought the functionality of ParaView into VR while adding additional features in collaboration and visualization.

"...Being able to collaboratively 'explore huge data sets' remotely and to jointly draw new insights will be paramount towards making commercial fusion energy a reality.”

- Rob Akers, Head of Advanced Computing at Culham Centre for FusionEnergy, United Kingdom.
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Our Industries

From marketing to surgical training, VR expands workflows, improves communication, and simulates risk-free, low-cost training. For years, Boeing Starliner has used VR to prepare astronauts for spaceflight. Since offering VR based diagrams to electrical technicians, Boeing has cited a 40% improvement in company productivity.

Research by Benjamin Schöne published in Current Psychology indicates that VR training correlates to an improvement in memory retention. A study with Yale University found surgeons that trained in VR performed operations 29% faster with mean errors six times less likely. It's no surprise VR has taken off. In 2021 Stanford University launched its first class fully taught through VR.

Fusion Sciences

SciVista™ has partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy in bringing ParaView to VR. We are partnered with Los Alamos National Laboratory to expand the VR data visualization and collaboration capabilities. We aim to expand this work into other National Laboratories through our Secure, behind the fence solutions. Additional collaborators include Intel, UKAEA, ITER, W7X, SABR, QStation, and Kitware.


SciVista™ is working with the New Mexico Consortium (NMC) to bring SummitVR™ to all universities in New Mexico. We are discussing the implementation of an Education Solution at Virginia Commonwealth University.
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