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Join with anyone in the world to share models, data, or simply meet with colleagues to discuss business! SummitVR™ has a unique VR environment with an unmatched collaborative movement system that includes independent scaling and viewing.
Fusion & Scientific
SciVista is developing SummitVR™ for the DOE to provide VR solutions for the fusion industry. We've have partnered with Kitware and ParaViewEngine to enable direct integration into SummitVR™. View and analyze data sets and simulation data to scale and in context.

"...Being able to collaboratively 'explore huge data sets' remotely and to jointly draw new insights will be paramount towards making commercial fusion energy a reality.”
-Rob Akers, Head of Advanced Computing at Culham Centre for FusionEnergy, United Kingdom.
SciVista is working with the Telco sector to discover the possibilities VR holds for RF visualization engineering. The ability to see the invisible in VR unleashes a potential technological shift in the way we design, build and operate 5G networks.
Creating 3D structures from 2D images through Photogrammetry enables the creation of digital twins and real-time surveys in VR. Virtually exploring real-world locations in near real-time has valuable applications for Oil and Gas, Military, Fire-fighting, Construction, Training – you name it!
Model Viewing
SummitVR provides solutions to simply view and inspect models. Iterative design, identifying mesh defects, collaborative ‘walk-throughs’ are of high value to Architecture, Real-estate, Retail, and many other verticals.
Defense and Security
The Integration possibilities between UAS / Drone tech, Computer Vision and military operations led to our partnership with SURVICE Engineering Company and many potential future innovations.

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