The Santa Fe SBDC Recognizes SciVista as its Star Business

January 10, 2020


Every year across New Mexico, each NMSBDC center selects a business that has shown an extraordinary commitment not only to their own business success but also to their community.  The businesses selected meet criteria based upon the diverse New Mexico economy.

"The Santa Fe SBDC is pleased to announce that SImon Woodruff's company, SciVista is to be recognized as its Star Business during festivities to take place in February during the Legislative Session.

Sci Vista has developed a data visualization tool called Summit VR, which is a platform to add three-dimensional data into virtual reality. Summit VR enables collaborative visualization of large data sets with medical, telecommunications and scientific applications to name a few. They expect to go to market broadly in a couple of years.

SciVista, established in 2018, employs 6 and is a spinoff from Woodruff Scientific, a Santa Fe research and development company, focused on electromagnets, diagnostic sensors and pulsed power systems.

Please join us in congratulating Simon Woodruff and his staff on their accomplishments." -SBDC

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