SciVista at SIGGRAPH 2019

February 21, 2019

SciVista gives demonstration in Intel's CREATE session at SIGGRAPH 2019

SciVista was proud to partner with Intel to demonstrate photorealistic rendering using their OSPRay ray tracing engine. See CEO, Simon Woodruff, talk about the exciting things SciVista is creating with Intel!

Photorealistic Rendering of MAST-U with Intel OSPRay

Photorealistic rendering of the MAST-U fusion device rendered using OSPRay (left) and camera image on the right

See a side-by-side difference in rendering using Unity's native light rendering and then SciVista's OSPRay Unity Plugin Rendering

Unity Native Rendering
In-Scene Unity Native Rendering
SciVista - Intel OSPRay Unity Plugin Rendering
In-Scene SciVista's Intel OSPRay Unity Plugin Rendering
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