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Education - Engineering, science, and design
By having a custom classroom environment, you can place students in a familiar space (but fully customizable) and provide them tools that extend well beyond the textbook or slide presentations. Students can go in-depth, and see data in-context to 3D models to get a full understanding of their subject matter.

The classroom of the future is here, today. From reviewing engineering principals, simulating fusion data, going inside of virtual proteins, or just having a meeting space for discussions or lectures; your imagination is your only limitation.

SciVista is currently working with the New Mexico Consortium to get VR headsets into all the universities in New Mexico. We are also discussing options for VR in the classroom at Kingston University (UK) and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Example Classroom Experience

The video below demonstrates a classroom experience between a teacher and students. Professor Nate Kinsey from Virginia Commonwealth University provides a lecture on Electric Dipoles. We incorporate actual simulations with the ParaView module as well as using shared web-browsers to bring web applications (COMSOL) into VR. Learn more about custom modules.
SCIENCE - 3D Environments for your DATA
Instead of loading large 3D models every time that you want to view your data, in-context; you can go straight to work with custom 3D environments.

The above pictures demonstrate fusion data in relationship to their reactors (ITER - France & W7X - Germany) and placing simulated ParaView data, in context, to the reactor walls. The fusion data is produced with our ParaView Module. Learn more about custom modules.

There is also a center snap point on the 3D model to allow you to quickly and easily insert data into your custom environment and have it scale and position itself automatically on the 3D model.

Scientific Environment

The below video demonstrates a scientific environment. The 3D model is the ITER Fusion Reactor. We cache the large 3D model file on your machine, which greatly reduces the loading time when entering the VR space.

With the custom snap point, you can see the ease of quickly putting your scientific simulation data (using the ParaView Module), in-context with other 3D environments/models. Learn more about custom modules.
Whether you need to have a conversation, view a model, or have a company presentation; our custom meeting environments can get your team focused and up to speed on the topic of the day!

Collaborative web-browsing, 3D model viewing, picture viewing, movie viewing, and the 3D pen widget are all available in custom meeting environments.
Conferences and Presentations
Virtual Conferences are taking root everywhere. Let SciVista design a custom conference environment for your organization.

With the built in presentation tools SummitVR™ has to offer, you can share your interactive visualizations over video chat with non-VR users.

Example Conference Mock-Up:

The below video demonstrates a possible virtual conference experience.


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