Bring your applications directly into SummitVR™ with custom Modules

  • Add your favorite software tools from an existing platform into VR
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Customized UI
  • Bring powerful data analysis and simulations (beyond model viewing) to VR
  • Tools that were previously non-collaborative are now shareable when integrated into SummitVR™
  • Modules are built from an existing core platform, with easy integration


ParaView - analysis and simulation
SciVista has partnered with Kitware to incorporate ParaView as a module into the SummitVR™ platform. Paraview extends SummitVR™'s Core capabilities producing a powerful analytic, simulation, and visualization tool for data sets in Virtual Reality.

Also, with the collaborative features in SummitVR we extend the current functionality of the ParaView desktop application, so that you can now collaborate with colleagues from across the world! With our proprietary Animation Export feature for ParaView, you can now use ParaView as a way to create beautiful presentations. Show off your data!

In an immersive and collaborative VR environment, you can view and analyze ParaView State Files as well as your 3D data sets. Loading CAD models as .obj or .fbx (can be animated) files helps put this data into context (see our Custom Environments page if you are interested in a Custom Environment Solution).

We are currently working with ITER, MAST, and W7X to put ParaView data into context with their fusion reactors. If you have a unique data set you'd like to see in-context,  please contact us today to request a remote demonstration!

ParaView in Action

The below video demonstrates the ParaView Module in SummitVR™.


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