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How does SummitVR™ work?

SummitVR™ can accept over 100+ file types.

Then the platform inserts this data either from a local server or the cloud onto your local machine running SummitVR™. From there you can import and share data with others who join your room. It's that easy!

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SciVista has partnered with Kitware to incorporate ParaViewEngine into their platform. It extends SummitVR™'s Core capabilities and offers an incredibly powerful analytic and visualization tool for data sets in Virtual Reality!

With this powerful integration you can now incorporate many file types into SummitVR as well as view your 3D data sets in a much more immersive and dynamic environment that is also collaborative (collaboration not available in standard PVE desktop).

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SummitVR™ Background

The development of SummitVR was initially focused on bringing Fusion Scientists together into a VR environment in which their plasma reaction simulations could be seen in the context of the fusion reactors. We have since grown the platform features and capabilities to serve multiple industries and use cases.

In order to accomplish this we've incorporated modules to extend the core capabilities of SummitVR™ with tools such as ParaViewEngine.

You might be asking, "What are the benefits of Virtual Reality?"

For starters you can design a custom environment or put employees directly inside of a fusion reactor-literally go places you've never been or would be impossible to go to in the 'real-world!' The possibilities are nearly endless.
Also, Virtual Reality can offer visual insights that previously were difficult to discover with a 2D monitor. The immersion of VR also makes data and the presentation of data more exciting, you can fully envelop yourself in your VR environment to virtually 'live' inside of your data.

Can you see all of these benefits while staring at your 2D screen?

“The challenge that SciVista is addressing is both timely and important. As we approach the exascale, the volume and complexity of our data is growing dramatically (from experiment, modelling and simulation and complex engineering design). For example, the world’s largest fusion experiment (ITER) is designing data acquisition systems equipped to handle 2PB of data per day. The fusion community is distributed around the globe – being able to collaboratively 'explore huge data sets' remotely and to jointly draw new insights will be paramount towards making commercial fusion energy a reality” -Rob Akers, Head of Advanced Computing at Culham Centre for FusionEnergy, United Kingdom.

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