“The challenge that SciVista is addressing is both timely and important. As we approach the exascale, the volume and complexity of our data is growing dramatically (from experiment, modelling and simulation and complex engineering design). For example, the world’s largest fusion experiment (ITER) is designing data acquisition systems equipped to handle 2PB of data per day. The fusion community is distributed around the globe – being able to collaboratively “explore huge data sets” remotely and to jointly draw new insights will be paramount towards making commercial fusion energy a reality” -Rob Akers, Head of Advanced Computing at Culham Centre for FusionEnergy, United Kingdom.

We build Custom Data Platforms from data sourcing to visualization and management

  • Data Sourcing
  • Data Handling
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
Before we were SciVista, our team at Woodruff Scientific had decades of experience in data handling, visualization, and analysis.

Be ensured with our experience, we can create any customized data sourcing and visualization platform for your enterprise's needs!

Data Visualization for a large telecommunications company

Magnetic Field of various plasma MHD simulations

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